L'immagine mostra il ferro da stiro Polti La Vaporella XT120C, ideata per durare

Polti La Vaporella ®

From 1978 to a more sustainable future: designed to last.

Made in Italy and with cutting-edge technologies: to save energy and resources

For more than 40 years, revolutionising ironing habits and becoming synonymous with the product category: only Polti is Vaporella, the iron with boiler. A constantly evolving product, designed with particular attention to current environmental and sustainability issues. Polti La Vaporella: with innovative technologies for ease of use, designed to last over time and to guarantee energy and resource savings.

To reduce consumption in an intelligent way, choose the Eco function which ensures a water saving of 35%** and energy savings of 41%**.

The boiler is guaranteed for 10 years* against limescale attacks. Its special internal structure allows the active components of the boiler to be protected for a long time without any maintenance.

An innovative and patented soleplate to iron with great ease through 360°: high precision tip, rounded edges, holes in the tip and distribution channels guarantee perfect smoothness, distributing the steam evenly. For effortless ironing.

Scopri tutti i modelli di Polti La Vaporella

*Warranty valid on the boiler unit only (solenoid valve, boiler and charging connection) against damage caused by limescale. For ways to register your warranty, please consult our guidelines here.

**Saving in % in ECO function compared to TURBO function.

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