Polti: a sustainable company


We design every product with you, your home, your family and our planet in mind. Because being sustainable is a commitment that we choose to make every day.

Polti: photovoltaic plant

Renewable energy

Our commitment to sustainability is already underway within the company: over 40% of the company's energy requirements is produced by the photovoltaic plant that spreads over 7372square metres on the roof of our factories.

Reduction in consumption

Every action is important when it comes to protecting the environment. For example, choose appliances that guarantee better performance and lower water and energy consumption. And here at Polti, we know how to do it.

Polti: energy saving
Polti: selezione dei materiali

Recyclable materials

Packaging is recyclable when it can actually be used to produce secondary raw materials. For our packaging, we choose materials that are easily recyclable so they can be properly disposed of and recovered.

Polti’s World

ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certifications for Polti

The achievement of the certifications represents an important objective among the many activities that form part of the multi-year sustainability plan.

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Change of corporate governance for Polti

The Property has defined the new governance structure of the company, in support of the next corporate objectives.

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Polti announces his collaboration with Spareka

Repair and access to spare parts are a real challenge for the future. Polti is there!

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A whole new web space for Polti

Polti increasingly strengthens its relationship with the #homelovers and launches a new, smarter and more functional website.

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Sustainability also comes through solidarity

Polti has chosen to support the il Sole Onlus association and its projects in Ethiopia and India.

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Positive signs in the 2020 report for Polti

The Como-based company files 2020 consolidated financial statements showing +30% in revenues, a growth of over 80% in its reference market and aims to consolidate its leadership in the ironing sector.

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Polti on TV with the new spot "Our secret"

An international campaign that tells the brand and its values through an emotional narrative.

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The science of effective ironing

Deborah García Bello, chemist and scientific writer, teaches us the science of effective ironing.

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How to face a change: responsibility and passion the winning features

A change faced with the right mix of responsibility and passion.

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When an idea was born and became an innovation

Fabio Castiglia, Polti's Technical Director, tells how Polti Moppy was born, an idea that becomes an innovation.

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For Polti the modern family is technological, respectful and #homelovers

What was the family like in 1989 and how is it today? Discover Polti's vision of the modern family.

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Helping the UK achieve a Natural Home Feeling

The steam as an alternative solution to forget chemical products: Beverley Martin speaks.

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A path of continuous evolution, since 1995

Maurizio Bolsani: a path of continuous evolution, closely connected to his private life.

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Customer centric: customers at the heart of actions

Polti as a customer centric company. Rafael Roman speaks.

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Family: an acronym that explains what Polti represents

With the acronym of family, Miriam Lucini, Executive Assistant, explains what Polti represents.

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Financial leadership in the company: roles, changes and achievements

Stefano Borgonovo talks about Financial Leadership, the role of the CFO and the changes which crisis caused.

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Cooperation and mutual trust between colleagues to objectives

Craig Dennis, Financial Accountant of Polti UK: "From the job interview, what struck me was the enthusiasm of my colleagues".

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An harmounious team is an added value for the company

The core values ​​in the team to achieve business goals: Karen Bluff speaks.

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Customer always in first position. An unpredictable job

Wendy Nicholls, Customer Service Team Leader of Polti UK, tells the beauty of helping for every customer: an unpredictable and never banal job.

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Quality: the driver of change and growth

Antonella Raganato explains the importance of quality connected to competence, teamwork, goal orientation and ability to adapt to the context.

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In Polti since 1994: a satisfying and growth job

The growth path of Cristina Solerti: from production to the role of Receptionist. A satisfying job which helped her to overcome a difficult period.

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What it is and how it has changed the After Sales

The importance of Afters Sales explained by Martino Gentile, Customer Service Manager.

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Openness and dialogue are the keys to the Polti family-feeling

The experience of Raquel Boada, Marketing Manager Spain and Portugal.

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The importance of Made in Italy in the globalization of the small domestic appliance

Made in Italy explained by Fabrizio Brusa, Export Area Manager.

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Polti: we turned 40!

In the enchanting setting of Serre Ratti in Casnate with Bernate in the province of Como, on 5th July Polti celebrated its first 40 years.

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Managing time and priorities: the challenge to grow

The story of Matteo Vallerin, Graphic Design Coordinator.

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After Sales: sharing and collaboration of all the involved parties

Diego Borghi, After Sales Specialist, tells his experience in the company.

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Moppy: how the evolution of cleanliness has begun

How did the idea of Moppy come about and what were the challenges faced? Francesca Polti and Stefano Cappi describe the project.

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Moppy is Voted Product of the Year 2018

An important recognition that rewards the INNOVATION of the product.

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Francesca Polti’s tips to young entrepreneurs

On World Entrepreneurs’ Day, Francesca Polti speaks about her management approach and gives some advice

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