Your fight against wrinkles is never over, even after unplugging your steam iron.
Read our quick and easy wardrobe tips to get the perfect, creaseless wardrobe you’ve always dreamed of.

Polti ideas to fight wrinkles within your wardrobe:

Make them exclusive! Do not overlap multiple items on a single hanger and choose the right type of hanger:

  • clipped hangers for skirts and classic trousers (hang them from the bottom)
  • wooden hangers are usually bigger and good to hang heavy items like coats and jackets while preserving their shape
  • open-handed hangers are good for jeans and other trousers
  • velvet hangers prevent clothes made of slipping fabrics to fall down
  • ribbed hangers are excellent for tops with small shoulders
  • tie and belt hangers are designed to hold lots of accessories in a single hanger

Boxes are extremely useful to store scarves, mittens or socks. On big sizes they may even store your bags and hats, but make sure to fill them with paper before storage to avoid distortions.

Store your suitcases one inside each other to save a lot of space.

Shelves are good for sweaters that would definitely lose their shape on hangers, while drawers with dividers can keep small items like your underwear in order.

Polti’s natural tips to keep moths away from your clothes:

Moths don’t like newspapers! Wrap your sweaters in newspapers to keep them safe during summer. In addition, be sure to place a natural moth repellent within each closet compartment; you can easily make one by filling a small cotton or linen bag with: lavender, cloves, dried lemon rinds, mint, cedar wood.

Boost your seasonal change with Polti:

Use Vaporetto’s steam power to deep clean your wardrobe, removing germs, bacteria, dust mites and bad odors in a single pass. Leave open for a couple of hours just to make sure everything is perfectly dry.
Wash and iron your clothes before storing them for a long time.
Do not button jackets as they could loose their shape.
Do not store leather items in plastic, but in fabric cases.
Steam heavy and wool clothes before storing to refresh fibers.