Vaporetto is only Polti

Polti Vaporetto ®

The complete steam cleaner for cleaning the entire home.

Naturally effective, simply steam.

Polti Vaporetto cleans with just water and heat, without detergents or chemicals. What’s more, 1 litre of water is the equivalent of 1,000 litres of steam. Just think how much water you will save by replacing traditional cleaning methods with steam cleaning.

Eliminates up to 99.99%* of viruses, germs and bacteria without detergents

The steam from Polti Vaporetto dissolves dirt and sanitises surfaces, eliminating up to 99.99%* of microorganisms without chemicals. Dry and powerful, it dries instantly and doesn't leave streaks or residue and is also safe for people and the environment.

Polti Vaporetto: eliminate viruses
Kills and eliminates up to 99.99%* of viruses, germs and bacteria
Cleans without chemicals
Ideal for all surfaces
Designed for allergy sufferers too
Trust the natural power of Polti Vaporetto steam!


Polti Vaporetto: effective against dust mites

Steam is effective against dust mites

The University of Cambridge and the Dermatological Hospital of Lyon have found that Polti Vaporetto eliminates 98% of dust mites from mattresses and rugs.

Polti Vaporetto: suitable for all surfaces

Want to steam clean everything? You can!

Different steam cleaners meet different cleaning requirements. Their versatility makes them suitable for all surfaces, even delicate ones.

Polti Vaporetto: deep house cleaning

Freshen-ups and deep cleans take no time at all

Polti Vaporetto cylinder models have a pressure boiler and a wide range of accessories for tackling any cleaning challenge.

Polti Vaporetto: clean floors

Clean and sanitised floors with just the power of steam

The brushes for cleaning floors evenly distribute the steam on the cloth for effective yet delicate cleaning that is also suitable for parquet.

Polti Vaporetto: multifunctional models

Multifunctional models for deep cleaning

They vacuum, clean and sanitise floors and small household surfaces using steam. Use them together to halve your cleaning times.

Polti Vaporetto: quick cleaning tasks

Maximum versatility, even for quick cleaning

The portable steam cleaner models are lightweight and manageable and come with accessories for the targeted cleaning of small surfaces or for refreshing curtains and fabrics.

Polti Vaporetto: pulizia e disinfezione professionale

Professional cleaning and disinfection on contact

Polti Vaporetto steam is the only solution when it comes to cleaning and disinfecting environments without pollutants, even in the workplace. Discover our range of products for businesses and professionals, for cleaning that is good for your health.

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