Last Christmas, Polti chose to support the Il Sole Onlus association, the non-profit organization founded in Como that is committed to building sustainable communities for children, helping the most needy to achieve their right to health, family and education. What unites Polti and Il Sole Onlus is precisely the value of sustainability, which for Polti means not only commitment to the environment, but also attention to society and human rights.

Because of the pandemic, 2021 has been a difficult year for everyone and for many Ethiopian and Indian children, who already live a life in conditions of precariousness and poverty, it has been even more so.

In Ethiopia one in four children is a victim of violence, cannot study and has no guaranteed meals; in India 90% of children are illiterate. India is a country that has been heavily affected by the SARS-Cov-2 virus and the situation for the poorest children has worsened further as a result of the loss of parental income and lack of access to food. Most parents work day jobs in the fields and during the months of the pandemic many of their jobs were cancelled so they found themselves without food and forced to stay in houses that are not really such; usually they are a single room where children live together with parents and animals.

With the help of Polti, Il Sole Onlus was able to be close to the families of these children, meeting their basic needs: more than 350 families in Addis Ababa in Ethiopia and in Proddatur and Nellore in southern India received 25kg of rice, 5 liters of oil, 1kg of legumes, 1 pack of hand sanitizer, 1 pack of surgical masks.
This Christmas, Polti will support a humanitarian project contributing to the Pangea Afghanistan Emergency programme, dedicated to the creation of Refuge Homes to welcome women and children in danger and guarantee them a place to restart their lives.