The new site will be the gateway through which consumers and professional users will have the opportunity to enter the Polti world to learn every aspect, discover the technology and find the product that suits their needs.


Polti increasingly strengthens its relationship with the #homelovers and launches a new, smarter and more functional website. Started at the end of 2020, the project included a 4/5-month analysis phase, leading to the launch in March 2022 for Italy, Germany and the UK, which will be followed by France, Spain and Portugal. The teamwork of several partners together to develop the different aspects, from communication to improving the strategic approach, to the analytics available from the previous site, compared with the user experience of the new portal.


From a site based mainly on the consumer offer of steam appliances, we now have a space in which the professional field also boasts a more defined and structured area. The new Polti website offers those who visit it different levels of reading, from the first landing to an in-depth use. The elements of communication are much more visual and with more evidence of video content. There are, of course, the classic information sections on steam, the company and its mission.


New symmetry, at a time when Polti focuses even more on interaction with its users. "A courageous choice in the midst of the pandemic, but necessary for the increased number of online transactions during lockdown and still growing, which therefore led to the setting in motion of a whole series of other internal digitization processes, essential to make warehouse and shipments more efficient and faster. Polti is in a unique position to offer products for both domestic consumers and professional operators bringing Polti steam technology, a method of cleaning and disinfection that does not use chemicals, to homes and workplaces, because our Natural Home Feeling is everywhere," explains Eugenio Buttafava, Corporate Marketing Director of Polti.


The approach is designed to simplify user usage. The result will put the customer at the center, avoiding unnecessary steps and obstacles that sometimes tend to block navigation. "To make it perform well we asked ourselves: what were the most viewed areas? Where did navigation stop? - says Ivonne Clerici, eCommerce & Digital Manager of Polti -. To this knowledge we have added surveys and test sessions with target users from which interesting insights have also emerged on the general perception of the offer".


Since 70% of users surf from smartphones, the new site has been designed to be usable especially from mobiles. It gives ample space to support areas for specific research, for example where to find the authorized centers that boast a widespread presence throughout the territory and assistance on spare parts or to download the instruction manuals, even for outdated products, with the awareness that Polti products pass on from generation to generation. We have also chosen to give greater visibility to the methods of contact and the toll-free number, with the possibility of registering in an advanced user area, also very useful for monitoring the status of orders and returns, to keep track of products associated with your account and to stay up to date on any ongoing support tickets.


Last but not least, the #homelovers section, which Polti wants to transform into an identifiable community not only on social media.  In this regard the new site will act as a collector and, thanks to marketing automation processes, the company will be able to communicate one to one with the user, offering increasingly relevant communications (no generic newsletters) and specific benefits.


The Polti’s tips section will obviously remain, but it will be richer and will be flanked by an area dedicated to the professional world, with case studies in which we will tell successful cases of disinfecting and cleaning work environments.