Fabrizio Brusa, Export Area Manager at Polti explains the meaning of "Made in Italy" and how this value is perceived abroad.

What value does the concept of “Made in Italy” contain? Does the meaning change in different countries?

I believe that in general "Made in Italy” products express a tradition of arts and crafts, of industrial knowledge as well as of great attention to detail gained over decades.

But such a definition is not exhaustive. The real “Made in Italy” is unique and exists only when design, planning and production take place in Italy.

Italian in substance and in form, therefore, because “Made in Italy” is linked to our country, understood as a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

In Italy there is a widespread ability to know how to make the beautiful and the technologically advanced, and to carry it forward. This is “Made in Italy”.

“Made in Italy” represents the experience and tradition of a country that has developed, over the decades, a know-how that today is recognized in the world, the result of a process that is a guarantee of quality.

Generally these values are recognized "worldwide" and, from what I can see and understand, there are no substantial differences between countries. In every country with which I have and have had the opportunity to work, they understand our way of conceiving the product and the relationship with it rooted in the culture of our country, and how this interacts with the consumer.

What advantages or benefits are associated with a Made in Italy product?

Usually a “Made in Italy” product is associated with a concept of design, quality and elegance.

I would add to these a fourth concept that characterizes our products: innovation.

Italian style is fascinating and admired. The Italians are considered extremely creative, clever and with a heritage of culture, history and tradition that is unparalleled in other countries.

As a direct consequence, Italian products reflect the same qualities.

“Made in Italy” and Polti: how is the brand perceived?

Certainly the production in Italy, the entirely Italian property, the 40 years of history of the brand are the values that inextricably link Polti to “Made in Italy”.

Not only that. In the world of small domestic appliances, Polti is a kind of unique "Made in Italy” reality.

It may seem simple, but being able to present the company and its products to new customers and show them a typically Italian reality is something that fascinates and reassures them.

The Polti “Made in Italy” best-selling product abroad is ... and why

It’s Vaporetto Lecoaspira. I’m at ease when I talk about this product, it holds no surprises for me.

I know in detail its features, its performance, the way in which I must present it to best respond to customer needs.

It’s a product that, although it’s been revised over time, has never lost the original value of multi-functionality that makes it unique in the world of small household appliances.

Vaporetto Lecoaspira is a complete product, it can be used on any surface and its range of accessories, whether standard or optional, makes it ideal for use in special and particularly complex cleaning.