Polti is ever more committed to the reparability and durability of its products and announces its collaboration with Spareka.

Since its creation in 1978, Polti, the specialist in steam applications for garment care, cleaning and disinfection has designed and manufactured products whose purpose is to aid the daily tasks of users in the home or professional environment. In fact, its mission is taking care of families responsibly by offering solutions that can improve the quality of their lives, while being kind to nature. Polti’s core values are Innovation, Sustainability and Respect.

The company has always implemented, from the design of its products, actions to reduce its environmental impact by finding solutions to reduce the energy and water consumption of its products, by choosing materials that are easily recyclable so the products can be properly disposed of at their end of life. The 2011 installation of photovoltaic panels, which cover 40% of the energy needs of the company, on the roof of its factory located in Bulgarograsso near Como, Italy, is another action to reduce the environmental impact.

So it was an obvious step for the company to collaborate with Spareka, a main player in France, associated with Ademe (ecological transition agency), in the promotion of the durability of domestic appliances whose repair and access to spare parts are a real challenge for the future.

The objective of Polti's approach is to further reduce the environmental impact of the brand's products, to extend their lifespan, by encouraging self-repair.

Thus, through spareka.fr, Polti makes a wide range of easily replaceable spare parts accessible to consumers DIYers or not, sensitive to the preservation of the environment, who choose to repair their appliance themselves at low cost. Polti, like these eco-consumers, actively participates in the reduction of waste generated and the reduction of CO2 emissions avoided by the repair. Over time Polti plans to further expand the number of spare parts available.

This is an important milestone in 2022 for Polti, which has long been working on other projects to promote the durability and repairability of its products in the future.