A new milestone for Polti: the products of the Polti Sani System, Polti Vaporetto MV and Polti Vaporetto Pro ranges are Steam Disinfection Devices (DDV) with proven efficacy even against SARS-CoV-2.

Tests carried out in the medical field demonstrate the effectiveness of steam as a bactericide, sporicide, fungicide, levuricide and virucide.

An important result achieved in terms of disinfection, which rewards Polti's expertise in the world of steam and disinfection: recent tests carried out by the company have shown that the products of the professional line Polti Sani System, Polti Vaporetto MV professional ranges and the Polti Vaporetto Pro models for the domestic environment are Steam Disinfection Devices (DDV) compliant with the French standard AFNOR NF T72-110 - medical field, for their bactericidal, sporicidal, fungicidal, levuricidal and virucidal effect, including against the Sars-CoV-2 virus responsible for the COVID-19.

The tests were performed by various laboratories in accordance with the French AFNOR NF T-72 110 standard, the only one currently available internationally to verify the disinfectant efficacy of SDDs. Considering all the possible use scenarios, Polti has chosen to perform the most challenging test, namely the one in the medical field, where the analysis conditions and the parameters to be achieved are the most rigorous. The results were excellent, compliant with the standard, which qualifies the products as SDD, Steam Disinfection Devices.

This recognition demonstrates that disinfection with Polti products identified as SDD is broad-spectrum effective on bacteria, fungi, yeasts, spores, germs and viruses, even against the SARS-CoV-2 virus, the cause of Covid-19 disease. A type of disinfection with optimal characteristics because it is achieved respecting the environment, in a natural way, contrary to what happens with chemical disinfectants.

Disinfection with Polti products identified as SDD is quick and easy, both in the dispensing and drying phases: the tests were performed with a surface passage speed of 10 cm / second, and the surfaces dry spontaneously. A frequently repeatable sequence without complications and without waiting, even in the presence of people and animals. It can also be done on any surface and fabric, even on objects with complex geometry, in the most difficult to reach corners.

The achievement of the SDD standard is therefore a new milestone for Polti, which once again proved to be the reference point for steam in Italy. A status gained through years of investment in research and development, test after test, in search of the best possible solutions in terms of cleaning and, above all, disinfection.