This year Polti participates in Interclean 2022, the main event for the professional cleaning sector, to be held in Amsterdam from 10th to 13th May. The company will be present with its range for professional disinfection and cleaning, in particular the products that have received the SDD (Steam Disinfection Devices) recognition according to AFNOR NF T72-110, a standard defining a model for verifying the disinfectant effectiveness of steam generators. The steam of Polti SDD has been proven to eliminate up to 99.999%* of microorganisms without the use of chemical detergents. A benefit of great value, which allows you to disinfect all surfaces, including fabrics, with tap water only, without releasing toxic substances that are potentially harmful to people and nature.  Also steam disinfection with Polti SDD is easy and quick, can be carried out repeatedly during the day even in the presence of people and animals and is applicable both in the civil and medical setting.


All the appliances of the professional line offer the safety of Made in Italy, the result of the experience of a company that, thanks to constant investment in research and development, has made steam its vocation. From the POLTI SANI SYSTEM range these models will be at the fair: Polti Sani System Check, patented  disinfection device with electronic system of management and function control; Polti Sani System Pro, patented device for frequent disinfection of large areas and Polti Sani System Express, patented device for frequent disinfection of small and medium-sized areas.


From the POLTI VAPORETTO range the models on show will be Polti Vaporetto MV 60.20, steam disinfection device able to vacuum solids and liquids and ideal for cleaning and disinfection of large surfaces, such as in dining areas, kitchens and hospitals; Polti Vaporetto MV 40.20, multifunctional steam disinfection device with integrated vacuum cleaner with water filter ideal for the cleaning and disinfection of hotel rooms; and also Polti Vaporetto MV 20.20 and MV 10.20, multifunctional steam disinfection devices with compact size and particularly manoeuvrable, equipped with vacuum system with water filter. They differ in that Polti Vaporetto MV 20.20 has an injection/extraction and washing with detergent function.

Versatile and customisable, thanks to the range of optional accessories, the models of the Polti Vaporetto MV range can be configured according to the needs of those who use them.


Also at the fair two devices able to solve the annoying problem of bed bugs and also useful for disinfection against viruses, germs, bacteria, fungi, spores and yeasts: Polti Cimex Eradicator and Polti Cimex Eradicator Plus.