Polti participated in the 25th edition of Issa Pulire, a trade fair specializing in the world of cleaning and hygiene held in Verona from 7 to 9 September. Polti, a leading Italian company in steam applications, was present at this important event with its expertise in professional cleaning and disinfection, with a selection of the best products, all with proven effectiveness: POLTI SANI SYSTEM, POLTI VAPORETTO and POLTI CIMEX ERADICATOR which since March 2021 are officially "SDD" Steam Disinfection Devices in compliance with the French standard AFNOR NF T72-110 for their bactericidal, sporicidal, fungicidal, levuricidal and virucidal effect.

From the POLTI SANI SYSTEM range the following models were exhibited at the fair: Polti Sani System Check, a patented disinfection device with an electronic management and control system; Polti Sani System Pro, patented device for frequent disinfection of large rooms; Polti Sani System Express, patented device for frequent disinfection of small and medium-sized areas.

From the POLTI VAPORETTO range the following were exhibited: Polti Vaporetto MV 60.20, a steam disinfection device ideal for cleaning and disinfecting large surfaces, kitchens and hospitals, capable of vacuuming up solids and liquids; Polti Vaporetto MV 40.20, a multifunction steam disinfection device with integrated vacuum cleaner with water filter ideal for cleaning and disinfecting hotel rooms; also Polti Vaporetto MV 20.20 and MV 10.20, multifunction steam disinfection devices with compact and particularly handy dimensions, that are equipped with an suction system with water filter and differ in that the first model additionally has an injection/extraction and washing with detergent function.

Finally, Polti demonstrated with a specific device: POLTI CIMEX ERADICATOR, designed for the disinfestation of bed bugs and for disinfection against viruses, germs and bacteria.

All products are made in Italy with high quality and reliability. Just consider that, in addition to boasting 200 patents and the SDD qualification, Polti has recently also obtained the prestigious scientific validation of SIMA, the Italian Society of Environmental Medicine, for these products. SIMA is concerned with preserving human health by promoting actions that limit human activities that damage the environment.

Participation in Issa Pulire fully responds to the philosophy that underlies the activity of Polti, a company that since 1978 has changed the habits of consumers in over 50 countries, proposing a contemporary approach to hygiene thanks to the proven cleaning, powerful and natural effects of steam. Even more so today then, the issue of cleaning and sanitation plays a fundamental role in the containment of the Covid-19 pandemic, encountering renewed interest both in the private, professional and public spheres.