Unico vertical handle

Facilitated movement during cleaning.

When cleaning the house, you have to move in all directions and from one room to another. The vertical handle lets you move Unico in any direction easily and without the need to bend down.

Compatible with all Unico models: MCV85_Total Clean & Turbo, MCV80_Total Clean & Turbo, MCV70_Allergy Multifloor & Windows, MCV50_Allergy Multifloor Turbo, MCV20_Allergy Multifloor

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Unico vertical handle

Vertical handle for vacuums

Features Unico vertical handle

Unico vertical handle


Attaches with a click and lets you move the appliance easily throughout the house. It can also house the accessory holder so you can have even more cleaning tools within reach.

Unico vertical handle


Compatible with: Unico MCV90_Pro Unico MCV85_Total Clean & Turbo, MCV80_Total Clean & Turbo Unico MCV70_Allergy Multifloor & Windows Unico MCV50_Allergy Multifloor Turbo Unico MCV20_Allergy Multifloor

Technical specifications Unico vertical handle

  • Package dimensions (LxWxH)

    15 x 1,5 x 60 cm

  • Weight

    0,250 kg

  • Product code




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