Steam Disinfector

What is the Polti Steam Disinfector?

The Polti Steam Disinfector is an accessory for connection with the Vaporetto or Vaporetto Lecoaspira to sanitise surfaces and furniture in the home. It produces a dry saturated steam superheated to 180°C in combination with HPMed detergent. The Steam Disinfector is the result of further research and development expanded from the Polti Sani System: a professional appliance developed in collaboration with the Faculty of Medicine of Pavia University. Sani System technology has been redesigned, adapted and incorporated into a new product for home use; the Steam Disinfector.

What does sanitising mean?

The aim of sanitisation is to reduce surface contamination by bacteria, fungi and viruses to within safe levels. Before they can be sanitised, surfaces must be cleaned, because the presence of dirt or residues could form a barrier protecting microorganisms. Sanitisation is important as the microorganisms present in the home (for instance, on door handles, kitchen work surfaces, bathroom fixtures, sofas and mattresses) can be carried by the hands to the face, where they come into contact with the eyes, nose and mouth and can cause infections.

What is the difference between the steam produced by the Steam Disinfector, and that of the Vaporetto or Lecoaspira?

The steam produced by the Vaporetto or Lecoaspira is dry saturated steam generated in the boiler at a temperature of up to 120° C. It is steam containing a certain number of liquid particles, which allows it to clean thoroughly by acting as a solvent on dirt. The steam generated by the Polti Steam Disinfector is dry saturated steam superheated up to a temperature of 180° C. It is superheated inside the dispenser, which has a controlled expansion chamber with a heat exchanger (patented worldwide by Polti) to produce steam containing practically no liquid particles making it suitable for sanitisation.

Isn’t Vaporetto or Lecoaspira steam enough to sanitise surfaces?

Vaporetto and Lecoaspira produce perfect steam for cleaning: dry steam at a temperature of up to 120°C containing small numbers of liquid particles. The temperature and liquid content of this steam help “dissolve” dirt, an essential aspect of cleaning. Steam is released under high pressure to “dislodge” dirt from surfaces, resulting in rapid expansion of the steam and an inevitable drop in temperature. This is ideal when cleaning, but it is not perfect for the purposes of sanitisation. The Steam Disinfector superheats steam for sanitisation up to 180°C so that it contains practically no liquid particles. The steam is released more evenly and gently in the form of a cloud, which surrounds the surface to be sanitised and keeps the steam temperature high even when released. Lastly, “safe” sanitisation must not involve any contact with the surface, to prevent microbes from being transported from one place to another. This is only possible with the Steam Disinfector, as the steam is released from about 10 cm away without ever coming into direct contact with surfaces.

Can I use the Steam Disinfector to sanitise the air?

Use the Steam Disinfector to sanitise surfaces only. It is not intended to reduce microbes in the air, as it should be held at a distance of approximately 10 cm away from the surface to ensure that the steam reaches the temperature recommended to guarantee adequate sanitisation. As distance from the dispenser increases, steam temperature inevitably drops and it is no longer possible to sanitise adequately. Steam (including steam from Vaporetto or Lecoaspira) always helps improve air quality. The simple physical process of spraying steam into the air causes dust and germs floating in the air to settle rapidly.

Can I use the Steam Disinfector if I don’t have a Vaporetto or Lecoaspira?

The Steam Disinfector must be connected to a Vaporetto or Lecoaspira to sanitise. The Steam Disinfector is an accessory which superheats steam to 180° C but it cannot produce steam itself, as it has no boiler. The Steam Disinfector must therefore always be used in connection with a steam generator such as the Vaporetto or Lecoaspira so the steam can be superheated by these two steam generators.

How is the Vaporetto or Lecoaspira connected to the Steam Disinfector?

Two different versions of the Steam Disinfector are produced for connection with the Vaporetto or the Lecoaspira. The two versions both offer the same functions and performance, and differ only in the type of connection fixture. The only Vaporetto or Lecoaspira models which the Steam Disinfector can be connected to are those with a removable block.

Where can I use the Steam Disinfector system? In what locations?

You may use the Steam Disinfector to sanitise all surfaces exposed to a risk of microbial contamination, such as those in contact with the outdoors (door handles, surfaces, suitcases), with the hands (telephones, furniture) or with water. The parts of the home requiring careful sanitisation are the bathroom and kitchen due to the presence of water and food, which could introduce bacteria or fungi to counters, tables and other surfaces. Sofas, cushions and mattresses are also high risk due to prolonged contact with people and the presence of dust mites, which can cause allergies and respiratory problems. It is important not to neglect objects and rooms that come into contact with pets, which can carry large numbers of microorganisms from outside into the home. Lastly, it is important to use the Steam Disinfector to sanitise rooms used by people with weaker defences such as children, the elderly, the asthmatic and people with compromised immune systems to reduce the presence of bacteria, fungi and viruses which could cause serious problems affecting the respiratory system, the digestive system and the skin.

Is it possible to treat the refrigerator with the Steam Disinfector system?

The outside and inside of the refrigerator may be treated with the Steam Disinfector system provided you unplug the refrigerator, remove food and clean surfaces first.

What is HPMed, and what is it for?

HPMed is a detergent that must be screwed onto the Steam Disinfector dispenser. It comes in 50 ml bottles and the passage of steam into the dispenser aspirates part of the liquid from the bottle and mixes it with outgoing steam. HPMed is composed of water, ethyl alcohol, inorganic minerals and non-ionic surfactants. HPMed acts as an adjuvant to the sanitising action of steam, and thanks to its features, is able to effectively trap odours.

Can I use the Steam Disinfector without HPMed or replace it with another product?

You cannot use the Steam Disinfector without attaching the bottle of HPMed because the Steam Disinfector system consists of two components: superheated saturated dry steam and HPMed. Polti does not certify the effectiveness of the Steam Disinfector system under conditions other than those recommended. The Steam Disinfector system does not permit the use of cleaning products other than HPMed. Clinical tests were conducted using the combination of superheated steam and HPMed. Polti does not certify the Steam Disinfector’s efficacy in conditions other than those recommended.

Can I use the Steam Disinfector if there are children, seniors or animals in the room?

You can use the Steam Disinfector even if there are children, seniors or people with health problems in the room. There is no need to empty the room of people or animals as the combination of steam and HPMed may be used in the presence of people since HPMed has been dermatologically tested.

Why is it important to keep microbial contamination within safe levels?

Every time you enter the home, you can transfer huge numbers of bacteria and other microorganisms from outside into the house, in the crowded places, public transport and at work. These microorganisms are deposited on surfaces in the home and multiply there, often causing infections in people who come into contact with them, especially if their defences are particularly weak, as in the case of small children, seniors and people who have asthma or health problems. Infectious pathologies that develop as a result of contact with microorganisms can affect the respiratory system, the digestive system and the skin, and can sometimes be serious.

Can the Steam Disinfector system help prevent seasonal influenza?

The Steam Disinfector has been tested against flu viruses and proven highly effective, capable of killing more viruses than required by European legislation in only 15 seconds. The Steam Disinfector reduces microbial and viral contamination of surfaces to prevent transmission of the influenza A, B and C viruses and reduction of the risk of influenza, which can have serious side effects in particularly sensitive people.

Is the Steam Disinfector effective against dust mites and allergens? Is it recommended for allergy sufferers?

Steam offers an effective solution to the problem of dust mites, scabies mites and the allergens they produce. This is true of Vaporetto or Lecoaspira steam and even truer of the superheated dry saturated steam produced by the Steam Disinfector. People who are allergic to dust should use steam to eliminate the source of their allergy: dust mites and the allergens they produce.