Forzaspira Lecologico

What are the benefits of water filter vacuum cleaners of Forzaspira Lecologico?

It’s important to know that most conventional vacuum cleaners, with bags or bag less, release a lot of the dust they vacuum up back into the air, so that dirt, germs and bacteria stay in circulation. But the water filter “captures” and “traps” dust. It works by generating a special water whirlpool that pushes dust toward the bottom of the tank and holds it inside without dispersing it. And in conventional vacuum cleaners with bags, it is necessary to change the bag periodically, inevitably releasing dust. With a water filter, however, when you’ve finished cleaning you simply pour out the water and the dust and dirt are all washed away, without being released back into the air.

What does Forzaspira Lecologico vacuum?

Forzaspira Lecologico thoroughly vacuums up everything the other quality vacuum cleaners vacuum: dust, rice, coffee grounds, soil, pet and human hair, crumbs, etc. It vacuums coarse and fine dirt, including fine dust, pollen and dust mites. Without getting blocked up or losing power like other vacuum cleaners, because the water whirlpool keeps the air passageways free at all times. And when the other vacuum cleaners stop, Lecologico continues vacuuming and collects dirt that other vacuum cleaners won’t vacuum, including wet substances like spilled tomato sauce, broken egg (shell and all) or liquids such as milk, juice, soft drinks…

Where does the dirt that is vacuumed end up?

The dirt is all trapped in the Eco-Active water filter. Once the dirt goes in, this patented filtering system ensures that it will not get out again and not even the tiniest dust mites will get back into circulation in the air. This is why Forzaspira Lecologico purifies the air while you clean.

What is the EcoActive-filter?

The EcoActive-filter is a true dust barrier thanks to the whirlpool effect created by letting air into the water through the suction hose. The whirlpool of water captures dust when you vacuum and you just throw it away when it is dirty.

What benefits does the EcoActive Filter offer?

Thanks to the EcoActive filter there are no more bothersome bag changes, no dust released and germs and bacteria cannot reproduce in the bag. All you have to do is rinse it, and theForzaspira Lecologico is clean, ready to be put away or used again!

How do you clean the tank?

When you’ve finished working, you can take the tank out quickly and it is emptied by just pouring out the water as if it were a jug . Our suggestion before putting your appliance away for storage, is to put the empty tank in its place and vacuum a litre of clean water by working the vacuum for a few seconds. After emptying it again, you will have a perfectly clean vacuum cleaner including inside the hose.

Is it true that the Lecologico helps you save energy?

After 10 minutes of use a regular vacuum cleaner's dust bag or dust compartment is full: the motor’s suction power is reduced and it consumes more energy. The suctioning power of Lecologico stays constant over the time, thanks to the water filter, and so with the same vacuuming you save on the electric bill.

What is Bioecologico for?

Bioecologico is a natural anti-foaming solution and, at the same time, it is a very nice room deodoriser. Specifically studied to be used in Forzaspira Lecologico’s water filter and Vaporetto Lecoaspira, Bioecologico prevents foam and eliminates bad smells in the collection tank, releasing a pleasant clean perfume in the environment.

Does Lecologico purify the air?

All vacuum cleaners vacuum, but Lecologico purifies as it cleans. Its filtering system includes the EcoActive-Filter and the EPA filter, effective enough to retain even the tiniest impurities and return healthier air into the room. The EPA filter is normally used in professional applications requiring the utmost hygiene, such as hospitals. Its filtering power is certified.

Is Lecologico effective for preventing allergies?

Of course, because thanks to the water barrier and the EcoActive Filter, not even microscopic dust mites get back into the air. This is why the British Allergy Foundation, the British company which certifies products of use for people with allergies by reducing or eliminating allergens in the environment, has given the Lecologico its “Seal of Approval” as a product for effectively eliminating dust mites. If you’re allergic to animal hair, the accessories that come with the Lecologico offer the perfect solution, including a mini turbo brush which is perfect for removing animal hair and dust from upholstery like sofas and car interiors.

Is Lecologico suitable for vacuuming on delicate floors?

Lecologico is ideal for all types of floor, even the most delicate ones, thanks to the parquet brush (included or optional) with soft natural horsehair bristles and wheels with soft rubber to grant the maximum softness.