Cookie policy

Cookie policy

Our website uses cookies and other similar technologies in order to provide a more complete and efficient browsing experience.

By browsing Polti websites with your browser set to accept cookies, you agree to the use of cookies and any other similar technology that are needed to view them correctly, as stated in this document.


Information about cookies and web beacons

Cookies are small text files that websites store in the memory of your browser or on your device while browsing. Like most other websites, we use these cookies to understand how users use our services and improve them accordingly.

A web beacon is a small image on a web page or in an email that allows us to determine whether or not you have interacted with certain content or email.


Cookies we use

Google Analytics _dc_gtm Helps DoubleClick identify visitors by age, gender, or interest. Read more
Google Analytics _ga, _gid Set of cookies to collect information and generate statistics on the use of websites without providing personal information about individual visitors. Read more
Magento EXTERNAL_NO_CACHE Indicates whether browser caching is enabled or disabled. Read more
Magento USER_ALLOWED_SAVE_COOKIE Indicates whether the buyer allows cookies to be saved. Read more
PHP PHPSESSID Identifies the beginning and duration of a session. Read more
Facebook datr, dats, fr, lu, sb Set of cookies that help Facebook measure the performance of advertising campaigns and provide personalized ads. Read more


How Polti uses these technologies


Whenever you log in to your Polti account a session cookie is created, allowing you to stay logged on all pages of the site; these cookies are also indispensable for managing the purchase process.

Even anonymous visitors are tracked by a session cookie that allows us, for example, to count how many users visited our site, how long they stayed and which pages they liked most. This information helps us to continually improve our website and ensure development over time to meet user expectations.

Session cookies do not collect personal information and are deleted at the end of the browsing session or when the browser is closed.


Cookies allow us to understand how visitors use our services and what features or content are particularly appreciated by users. For example, cookies can provide us with information on the number of users who have visited the page of a particular product or what keywords they used to get there.

To collect certain information such as, for example, navigation statistics, our website uses Google Analytics. For more information on cookies generated by the use of Google Analytics read the official documentation here.


Polti may use cookies and web beacons to assess, for example, the performance and effectiveness of advertisements and newsletters in order to provide high quality content.


Refuse or delete cookies

You can change the settings of most web browsers in order to refuse or to not accept cookies anymore, or in order to request your permission each time a website attempts to send you a cookie. Although for some of our services cookies are not required, in the event of their complete deactivation Polti websites may not work properly. For example, it will be impossible to log in to the PoltiClub or to buy our products.

You can also delete cookies that are already stored on your device.

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