Vaporetto Triangular Brush PAEU0237

Targeted action for cleaning corners.

Small and flexible brush with swivel joint to allow cleaning of difficult corners and bristles to remove stubborn dirt. Contents:

  • triangular bristle brush

Compatible with Vaporetto Series PRO, Classic Series, Vaporetto Forever Exclusive, Vaporetto Eco Pro 3000, Vaporetto Evolution, Vaporetto Edition and Vaporetto 2085 models.

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Vaporetto Triangular Brush PAEU0237

Targeted action for cleaning corners

Features Vaporetto Triangular Brush PAEU0237

Vaporetto Triangular Brush

Perfectly clean corners.

If your nightmare is the dirt that accumulates in corners, finally here is the solution: with the triangular brush you can clean effectively, dissolving encrusted dirt and removing it with the bristles.

Vaporetto Triangular Brush - Compatibility


Compatible with Vaporetto models: PRO 90_TURBO PRO 80 PRO 70 ECO PRO 3.0 Classic 65 Classic 55 Vaporetto Forever Exclusive Vaporetto Eco Pro 3000 Vaporetto Evolution Vaporetto Edition Vaporetto 2085

Technical specifications Vaporetto Triangular Brush PAEU0237

  • Package dimensions (LxWxH)

    29,5 x 14 x 9 cm

  • Weight

    0,330 kg

  • Product code




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