Sani System Polti

The steam that sanitises: effective and environmentally friendly.

Sani System is a professional appliance for the steam sanitisation of surfaces and fabrics, effective in eliminating bed bugs too. Sanitising means reducing microbiological contamination (viruses, bacteria, fungi) to minimum safety levels. The special benefit of Polti Sani System is the dry steam superheated to a high temperature (up to 180° C) with a low content of liquid particles. The steam is generated in the high pressure boiler and superheated further in an expansion chamber ( Polti worldwide patent) where it reaches a temperature of up to 180° C. This allows a rapid evaporation from treated surfaces without leaving any traces of residual moisture. When dispensed, the steam is mixed with the detergent HPMed.

  • Professional appliance for the sanitisation of surfaces
  • Dry steam superheated up to 180° C
  • Unlimited autonomy
  • Pivoting castors
  • Made in Italy
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Sani System Polti

Professional appliance for steam sanitisation

Features Sani System Polti

Sani System Polti eliminates germs and bacteria


It only takes a few seconds of exposure to the dry steam superheated up to 180° C of Sani System to eliminate the bacterial, viral and fungal load from surfaces. The effectiveness of the dry steam superheated up to 180° C has been proven by numerous tests conducted by external bodies. (link to test)

Sani System Polti Check appliance for efficient sanitisation


The effectiveness of the superheated dry steam up to 180 ° C against viruses, bacteria, fungi, spores and bed bugs has been confirmed by extensive tests conducted by third parties. (link to test)

Sani System Polti natural sanitisation


The dry steam superheated up to 180° C may be dispensed on any surface since it does not cause damage and can even reach less accessible corners. Moreover, it is so dry that it evaporates quickly, leaving no residue of moisture.

Sani System Polti ecological


Polti Sani System does not require the use of chemicals. Steam is supplied with HPMed detergent which contributes to the sanitising action and can be dispensed in the presence of people.

Accessories Sani System Polti

Sani System Polti accessory

Spacer accessory

Lets you maintain the correct distance from surfaces while sanitising them.

Sani System Polti accessory

Concentrator accessory

To get a more concentrated steam jet for sanitising narrow pipes.

Technical specifications Sani System Polti

  • Working autonomy


  • Water tank capacity


  • Dimensions (LxWxH)

    47x45x90,5 cm

  • Adjustable steam output

    up to 100 g/min

  • Length of power supply cable

    5 m

  • Weight

    27,5 kg

  • Max power

    2500 W

  • Max Pressure

    6 bar

  • Out of water signal


  • Steam ready indicator light


  • Steam output temperature

    up to 180°C

  • Product code



Instruction manual

Learn everything about the product, download the pdf

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