Kit Sani System Polti

The kit designed for professional sanitisation

Sani System Kit is the accessory that turns the professional cleaning appliances Mondial Vap into products for the sanitisation of surfaces and fabrics able to eliminate the bacterial, fungal and viral load in a few seconds. The steam produced in the high pressure boiler of the Mondial Vap appliances is transformed, inside the controlled expansion chamber (Polti worldwide patent), into superheated dry steam. Thanks to its temperature, up to 180° C, and the almost complete absence of moisture the steam generated by the Polti Sani System Kit ensures effective sanitisation and quick drying of surfaces, without a trace of residual moisture. In the lower part of the dispenser there is an attachment for the bottle of HPMed detergent, which assists the steam action.

  • Dispenser with controlled expansion heat exchange device, Polti worldwide patent
  • Dry steam superheated up to 180° C
  • Connection for bottle of HPMed detergent
  • Made in Italy
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Kit Sani System Polti

Surfaces and fabrics professional sanitisation

Features Kit Sani System Polti

Polti Sani System Kit eliminates fungi and bacteria


It only takes a few seconds of exposure to the dry steam superheated up to 180° C of Polti Sani System Kt to eliminate the bacterial, viral and fungal load from surfaces. The effectiveness of the dry steam superheated up to 180° C has been proven by numerous tests conducted by external bodies. (link ai test)

Polti Sani System Kit ecological


Polti Sani System Kit does not require the use of chemicals. Steam is supplied with HPMed detergent which contributes to the sanitising action and can be dispensed in the presence of people.

Polti Sani System Kit easy to use


The dispenser is easy to handle and the flow of steam can reach even the areas most difficult to treat using conventional methods.

Polti Kit Sani System mondial vap


Polti Sani System Kit can only be connected to the professional cleaning equipment Mondial Vap models 6000, 4500, 7000 inox.

Accessories Kit Sani System Polti

Polti Sani System Kit accessories

Professional carry-case.

To hold the dispenser and accessories

Polti Sani System Kit accessories


Detergent which contributes to the sanitising action of the steam. 12 disposable bottles of 50 ml.

Polti Sani System Kit accessories

Spacer accessory

Lets you maintain the correct distance from surfaces while sanitising them.

Polti Sani System Kit accessories

Concentrator accessory

To get a more concentrated steam jet for sanitising narrow pipes.

Polti Sani System Kit accessories


Nozzle cleaning brush.

Technical specifications Kit Sani System Polti

  • Steam hose length

    2,5 m

  • Nozzle power

    1500 W

  • Product code





Instruction manual

Learn everything about the product, download the pdf

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