Steam mops FAQs

And for delicate surfaces?

You just need to set the pressure to minimum, or use the cloth, folding it a few times. For extremely delicate surfaces, avoid direct contact with the steam: spray the steam onto the cloth and then clean.

Does the Polti Vaporetto replace a vacuum cleaner?

The Polti Vaporetto does not replace a vacuum cleaner, but is an excellent companion to it. Once you have vacuumed dirt and “visible” dust from floors and carpets, you can clean, sanitise, and degrease any surface in the home with the Polti Vaporetto.

Who makes the Vaporetto?

The Vaporetto is only made by Polti. Safety, quality and widespread support within Italy are guaranteed by the more than 40 years of experience of a leader in the manufacture of steam appliances for cleaning and ironing.

How is it possible to clean using only steam?

Steam cleans through three “physical” characteristics: water, temperature and pressure that, together, allow you to eliminate grease and dirt from every corner of your home.

WATER: steam is made up of water molecules which bind to dirt molecules on contact and start to “soften them”.

TEMPERATURE: the steam is delivered at such a temperature so as to be able to separate and dissolve the most stubborn dirt and grease and destroy any bacteria at the same time.

PRESSURE: the pressure definitely “detaches” dirt from the surfaces. You’ll merely have to collect it with a cloth or vacuum it.

How long does it take to steam clean?

With the Polti Vaporetto, you can clean quicker and the results last longer because you dissolve and collect dirt much more easily compared to other systems. What’s more, clean, degreased and sanitised surfaces do not attract dust and new dirt, so they remain cleaner for longer. A single product that reaches everywhere, cleanly and without the need for constant changes. With the Polti Vaporetto, you can get rid of all the tools you usually use to clean your home, which need to be washed, rinsed, retrieved from their place and put back in order: sponges, brooms, dustpans, buckets, mops, cloths, brushes, cobweb dusters, feather dusters, carpet beaters, squeegees, ladders for high surfaces, detergents suitable for various surfaces, and so on and so forth - all gone! What's more, the power of steam dissolves dirt easily, without the need to scrub and so entailing less effort.

Where does the dirt go?

The dirt is gathered by the cloth, which is either attached to the accessory or held in your other hand. By passing through the fibres of the cloth, the steam creates a sort of electrostatic effect (similar to the process used by humidifiers) which is why dirt instantly attaches to the cloth and is retained.