Ironing FAQs

How do I choose the ironing product best suited to my needs?

The Polti Vaporella range includes various kinds of products:

  • High-pressure steam generator iron: These are the best products for ironing. Thanks to the boiler that generates high-pressure steam, the steam performance is exceptional. These are the products best suited for people who have a lot of garments to iron and are looking for professional results.
  • Steam-generator irons: These are smaller and come with a separate large tank for ironing without frequent interruptions and offer a medium steam output. They are suited for anyone with a considerable amount of garments to iron and people who are looking for modern products that perform well.
  • Steam irons: Also called traditional irons, these are small, compact irons with an in-built water tank. They are suited for anyone looking for a practical and quick product and who doesn’t have a lot of garments to iron.
  • Vertical steamers: Also called garment steamers, these products are good for touch-ups as they don't require an ironing board and they are ready to use quickly, allowing you to iron out creases at the last minute before putting on a garment. They are also outstanding for freshening up fabrics, as the steam eliminates bad odours.
What is a steam generator iron and how is it different from a traditional iron?

A steam iron with boiler is an iron connected to a boiler where high-pressure steam is produced. The steam enters the iron after it has already been produced and when the pressure in the boiler is high. That is why the steam released from a pressurised boiler is different from that of a traditional steam iron. First and foremost, it produces much more of it and it is drier and more powerful, precisely because it is produced under pressure. A traditional iron has the advantage of being smaller and ready in just a few seconds.

The steam from the Polti Vaporella steam generator models is so potent that it can penetrate fibres and allows you to iron even several layers of fabric, such as folded sheets.

Who makes the Vaporella?

The Vaporella is only made by Polti. Safety, quality and service are guaranteed country wide with more than 40 years of experience from a company that invented the first steam generator iron for domestic use, as well as a leading manufacturer of steam cleaning and ironing appliances.