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The power of suction,

with water filter

Forzaspira Lecologico vacuum cleaner with water filter

Forzaspira Lecologico vacuum cleaner with water filter

Perfect cleaning and cleaner air

Forzaspira Lecologico is the vacuum cleaner with water filter ideal for allergy sufferers because it prevents vacuumed dust from getting back into the environment. The dust is trapped in the water and eliminated, without any dispersion, except after you have finished cleaning when you empty the collector. Thanks to the bypass motor, Forzaspira Lecologico can also vacuum up liquids.

Forzaspira Lecologico: allergens vacuum cleaner

The vacuum cleaner recommended for allergy sufferers

The water filtration technology makes Forzaspira Lecologico the most suitable vacuum cleaner for allergy sufferers. The water filter generates a vortex inside the dirt collector which traps dust and dirt and prevents it from getting back into the environment. In addition, the 4-stage filtration and HEPA H13 filter helps retain even the smallest impurities, such as pollen and dust mites. The air output is not only cleaner because it's dust-free, but also healthier and purified. After cleaning, dirt and impurities are eliminated by the water, without any dispersion. Given its effectiveness in eliminating dust mites, Forzaspira Lecologico has been given the seal of approval by the "British Allergy Foundation".

Forzaspira Lecologico: vacuum cleaner and liquids

A help when there are children and pets in the house

Forzaspira Lecologico is fitted with a special water filter making it possible to vacuum both dust and liquids . When there are children or pets in the house, little domestic accidents are always possible: Forzaspira Lecologico is a valid ally for vacuuming water, milk, cereals and quickly tidying up. Furthermore Forzaspira Lecologico vacuums with a constant power to prevent wasting energy.

Forzaspira Lecologico: vacuum cleaner with water filter and accessories

Free every corner of the house from dust

The water filter, the filter stages and the HEPA H13 filter make Forzaspira Lecologico the ideal vacuum cleaner for those who want to have a clean and healthy home environment. The range includes two different models which ensure powerful, constant suction. They also come with a wide range of accessories including brushes for cleaning all types of flooring and the accessory kit for various surfaces. On the model Forzaspira Lecologico Aqua Allergy Turbo Care the controls are on the handle for maximum convenience.

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