The effectiveness of steam:

clean and sanitise naturally

The effectiveness of Polti Vaporetto against dust mites and allergens demonstrated by laboratory tests

Cambridge University and Lyon Dermatological Hospital tested Polti Vaporetto to dermine its effectiveness as compared to a vacuum cleaner for eliminating dust mites and scabies mites.
Cambridge University compared two carpets and two mattresses containing live dust mites. One carpet and one mattress were cleaned with an ordinary vacuum cleaner, the others with Vaporetto. Then the live dust mites on the samples were counted according to a test named E.L.I.S.A.: Vaporetto had eliminated 97% of them from the carpet and 98% from the mattress, cutting allergens by 86%. The ordinary vacuum cleaner had eliminated only 57% of dust mites and 46% of allergens.
Lyon Dermatological Hospital tested Vaporetto’s effectiveness for decontamination of linens and rooms infested with scabies mites. The mites were killed by only five seconds of exposure to Vaporetto’s jet of steam.

Vaporetto: the natural solution against dust mites and allergens

These results leave no doubts: the high temperature (120°C) and high pressure (from 3 up to 6 bars) of Vaporetto and Vaporetto Lecoaspira not only drastically reduce the number of living dust mites but neutralise the allergens they produce, providing an extraordinary powerful decontaminating action.
Above results have been also confirmed by the British Allergy Foundation, that awarded both Vaporetto and Vaporetto Lecoaspira as well as Forzaspira Lecologico vacuum cleaners with water filter its Seal of Approval for the effectiveness of these products in eliminating mites.