Let's organise the laundry room

How to create space in the laundry room and keep it tidy

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Let's organise the laundry room

Here are 4 tips to organise the laundry room and ironing zone:

Folding wall rack

Not everyone has a dedicated laundry room. However, we can take advantage of available space, using all the walls: folding wall racks are an excellent solution for drying delicate items inside the house or in winter or on rainy days. Various sizes and shapes are available. You could also go the DIY route and make one tailor made to your needs.

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Laundry hampers

It is essential to sort and divide clothing into coloured, white and dark, before placing them in the washing machine. And of course, there are also delicate items that must be washed by hand or in cold water. To prevent a stray red sock ending up with a load of whites and turning everything pink, it's a good idea to sort everything right away, placing different types of clothes in specific laundry baskets. One more tip, remember to use space up high. Cabinets that go all the way to the ceiling offer space to place laundry baskets and keep everything tidy.

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Put away the ironing board

An excellent solution for putting away the ironing board is to simply insert two hooks in the wall, hanging it up in the absolute minimum space. This means we can slip it in, for example, in the space between a cabinet and a wall which normally is too small to be useful.

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Use the door as a cabinet

If you don't know where to put laundry detergent and don't have any more cabinets available, just place a hanging cabinet on the laundry room door.

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