Steam generator iron: 3 reasons why ironing is important

Ironing not only improves the aesthetics of garments but also sanitizes them and prolongs their life, keeping a watchful eye on sustainability.

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Steam generator iron: 3 reasons why ironing is important

The steam generator iron was born in the first half of the 1900s and what its inventor probably did not imagine was the importance that this technology would have assumed over time and why it is necessary to iron. The thesis is also supported by science which explains 3 good reasons why ironing should become a good habit.

1. Using a steam generator iron improves the aesthetics of garments and prolongs their life

First of all, we know that to remove creases, using a steam generator iron with high pressure boiler is a winning choice: the high pressure of steam and the proper temperature of the iron remove creases, rearranging the molecules of the fabrics and they introduce water molecules between the fibres, which lead to the formation of new hydrogen bonds.

Steam ironing, together with some useful tricks, is the most effective way to obtain perfect ironing results.

In addition, by applying steam, ironing is more delicate and preserves the integrity of the yarn; for this reason, it represents a determining factor for the care of the garments and the extension of their use.

When a part of the fibre comes off, the unsightly lint is formed which ages the fabric and makes it weaker. This is called tissue pilling.

Ironing prevents this aging process as it forces the fibres to maintain the bonds within the fabric texture and, with the use of steam, binds the separate fibres back to the main texture.

2. Steam ironing sanitizes clothes

Over the centuries, ironing clothes also had the function of keeping pathogenic microorganisms away. The reason why clothes were ironed at that time was not aesthetic but hygienic: steam ironing sanitizes clothes.

The power of the steam effectively and naturally sanitizes surfaces to be cleaned. This also applies to cleaning fabrics. It represents an effective solution to sanitize the laundry of the whole family: the temperatures reached with the iron are high and some pathogens that are resistant to machine washing, are eliminated only thanks to ironing.

The use steam generator irons, on different garments and fabrics, in addition to ironing the garment and removing creases, deeply sanitizes the fabrics, eliminating viruses, germs and bacteria that could lurk inside.

3. Ironing is sustainable

Sustainable garment care is a fundamental aspect to reduce the environmental impact of the textile sector: it is estimated that the latter is responsible for around 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions. 39% of this slice is used by consumers for product care (washing, drying, ironing) 1.

In your own small way, you can follow some practices to make ironing more sustainable. The first is ironing larger quantities of clothes at a time: instead of turning on the iron when you need a particular dress, it is preferable to iron several items together. Another method is to choose a steam generator iron with high pressure boiler that allows you to save up to 46% compared to traditional steam irons2.

In addition, new generation steam irons offer pre-set ironing programs that automatically adjust steam and temperature according to the fabric. In this way the ironing will be optimized and the time of use will decrease, saving energy.

These three reasons are enough to make ironing a good practice for the care of your clothes and your health.



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2 Guía práctica de la energía dell'Instituto para la Diversificación y Ahorro de la Energía (IDAE) del Ministerio de Industria, Turismo y Comercio.

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