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everyday steam
Vaporetto Action and Vaporetto Go
Protecting the environment from wastes without coming to any compromise in terms of effectiveness while saving time and energy, these are the values distinguishing Vaporetto by Polti and have been making it unique for more than thirty years.

Vaporetto is a precious home ally because it perfectly meets the fundamental needs of “modern cleaning” : respect for the environment, effectiveness, rapidity and saving.
A “simple” jet of steam is able to remove any type of dirt without having to use any chemical product.
Avoiding disinfectants and degreasing products means lower environmental impact, corresponding to important ecological and economic advantages.

Vaporetto’s dry (120°C) and powerful (up to 4.5 Bar) steam degreases, deep cleans and eliminates dust mites as well as allergens, naturally.
Its effectiveness has been severely demonstrated by different scientific tests carried out by international institutes : for this reason it is recommended for allergy sufferers.

Vaporetto is also synonimous with quick cleaning because steam immediately removes even the most stubborn dirt.

In addition, since steam can be used on different surfaces and in any environment – kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, living room – cleaning chores are much simpler making Vaporetto the ideal ally for daily cleaning.

Best performance, in less time and with less effort.
Your home is clean, healthy and safe. Every day.

For the daily and quick cleaning - but at the same time accurate and long lasting - cleaning, Polti proposes two new Vaporetto models.
DETAILS Vaporetto Go
Light, compact and handy, Vaporetto Go can be easily moved from one room to the other.

The shoulder belt makes cleaning even easier and ensures the maximum use flexibility. You just have to “wear” Vaporetto Go to go up and down the ladder and reach the most difficult corners.

Its practical design includes a built-in compartment for storing the accessories and always have them within reach.

Boiler volume of 0,95 l and use capacity of 0,75 l; steam adjustment up to 90 g/min; handle with safety lock device; “steam ready” light and parking system for vertically storing the tube on the body of the appliance. With shoulder belt and accessories compartment.
DETAILS Vaporetto Action
The new steam mop is ideal for those having few time to dedicate to daily cleaning but wishing the best hygiene.

Floor or carpet cleaning has never been so simple and quick : Vaporetto Action is ready in only 30 seconds and thanks to the triangular and flexible brush it reaches even the less accessible corners such as the floor under the sofa or under the bed.

Dirt is removed thanks to the microfiber cloth which can be machine-washed and used again without wastes.

The continuous refill, the removable water tank and the anti-limescale filter make Vaporetto Action very convenient and practical to use. Water can be added any time for a non-stop steam, without wasting time. The water tank can be removed for an easy maintenance and thanks to the anti-limescale filter it is possible to use normal tap water. It is also possible to put it away very easily since it can stand alone.